Garage Door King Join Business Index

As part of our drive to expand online, The Garage Door King have recently joined The Business Index. This is a UK based directory where you can view our garage door supplier details with the profile giving on overview of the company.

To view Garage Door King's new profile, click the link below or here - Garage Doors Online

Gliderol - Quality Garage Doors

Looking for a quality garage door purchase? If so, you can browse our range of Gliderol roller doors, which are considered some of the most reliable and quality garage doors on the UK market.

Supplied online by The Garage Door King, you can buy one of the Gliderol roller range from just £385. Prices vary but overall the range is very competitively priced. 

So to view the Gliderol Mini Roller, the Mini Roller Woodgrain, the Compact Insulated Roller Door, the Gliderol Light Industrial doors, then click the link here - Quality Garage Doors - or if you have any questions about choosing a garage door that will suit your home or property, please call us on 0844 993 1444