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Check out the below panel for new images added by the Garage Door King. Certain images show the garage doors provided by the UK based company, which include top brands such as Cardale, Garador, Henderson and Wessex.

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Each month Garage Door King update the Twitpic page with garage doors produced by the top brands on the market, all of which are affordable. Click below to visit to Twitpic profile and view the latest garage doors from the online supplier.

GaraRoll from The Garage Door King

Garador Insulated Roller Door - GaraRoll

The Garage Door King Ltd are based in the UK but supply online garage doors at prices which start at only £199.00. One of the many brands the company provide on their online catalogue is garador, who are one of the world's top brand for garage doors.

A Garador Insulated Roller is called the GaraRoll and is provided by the Garage Door King. This is an insulated roller garage door which is the latest addition to the Garador range of products provided by the West Midlands UK based online garage doors supplier.

This innovative and stylish garage door comes with a door-operator as part of the good value package. Both the door and operating system is engineering that is of such a high standard, that it is testament to the high precision of Garador as garage door manufacturers.

For further details regarding the Garador Insulated Roller or GaraRoll please click the image below where you'll be directed to the Garage Door King website.

Or you can call The Garage Door King on 0844 993 1444 where you can speak to one of the staff about your garage door requirements.

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Sectional Garage Doors

The Garage Door King and Garador's Sectional Range

A sectional garage door is made from sections that are separated into sections, as opposed to being manufactured with a single panel. The use of sections mean that the garage doors in use has a smoother operation when opening and closing manually and with an electrical device.

The sectional door mechanism of the Garador range, from The Garage Door King, has distinct advantages over other mechanisms of garage door. Sectional doors mean that the width of the door is at maximum value of width. This is because the frame fits directly behind the door jamb and allows greater headroom clearance, and is vital for tall vehicles such as vans, some hatchbacks and 4x4s. Even with electric operation, the garage door and mechanism is designed for optimum available headroom for moving a larger vehicle into the garage space.

To ensure long-term resilience against the wind, rain and other harsh elements, the sectional garage doors from The Garage Door King are made from galvanised steel, which is used in the door panels and frames. Sections are embossed then coated with plastic polyester primer, which helps create a great protection system against the elements. All Sectional doors are supplied in white and are ready-to-fit almost any size of opening in the top quality garage doors.

In the garage doors industry, Garador are regarded as one of the finest engineered domestic doors and are market leaders in manufacturing garage doors.

The Garage Door King provide garage doors from many other brands of top manufacturers, which you can view on The Garage Door King website. Please click the image below to visit the garage doors catalogue and view the online prices which start at £199.00

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The Garage Door King Join Plurk

This months online news from The Garage Door King is that the garage doors supplier have joined Plurk. This is a online social media website, similar to Twitter, where users can add and share and post information.

Like The Garage Door King on Twitter and Facebook, each month there will be new posts that will announce news about garage door prices. Becasue as well as promoting the great prices The Garage Door King provide on all top brand garage doors, the reason for setting up a Plurk account is to increase the search engine rankings for the West Midlands UK based company's website.

If you want to visit The Garage Door King on Plurk, click the logo below. Here you can also join the new social media website and follow The Garage Door King's monthly news updates.

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