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Recently Facebook have released the shop option where businesses can upload products to their profile alongside a description, photographs, prices and a link to the product's website page.

So given this new option The Garage Door King have added some of the top brand garage doors we supply online. To view the doors we've added, please either click here - buy garage doors - or the image below.

Click here to view and buy garage doors from The Garage Door King via Facebook
Click to buy garage doors from The Garage Door King via Facebook

Gliderol Compact Insulated Roller Door

Special Offer - Garador

Combining the price of this garage door with its quality, this is one of the most attractive offers The Garage Door King currently have online.

The Garador Beaumont is manufactured with windows, which means your garage space could have the benefits of natural light. It's priced at just £588 incl VAT and is one of many special offers we have on doors made by reputable manufacturers. 

We at the Garage Door King always aim to stock the best quality garage door with the most attractive price. If you want to invest in a top brand door, take a look at our website where you can view and buy from a range of doors made by the best manufacturers on the market.

Fort Georgian - Special Offer

Looking for a new garage door? 

If you want a special offer on price for a door made in the UK by an innovative brand, take a look at the Fort Georgian side hinged that we supply online. Fort Doors are known for their innovative designs, which offer great attention to detail in the design. See the door-handle below for an example of that. Side hinged doors are a great choice for people who want to use garage as a workspace and not just a place to store the car. 

If this or any other top brand garage door interests you, please visit The Garage Door King online or call us on 0844 993 1444.

Fort Doors - Timber Vertical - Special Offer Prices

Timber garage doors are known for their quality and style. If you're looking to invest and have been searching online for the right timber door for the right price, take a look at our special offer on the Fort Timber Vertical here.

Hormann Georgian - Low Price - High Quality

Like all the garage doors made by Hormann, the Georgian panel-style door is renowned for its quality. This very stylish garage door has deep and crisp panel profiles, efficient lifting gear and security features. Another bonus is the 10-year warranty. 

Hormann - Garage Door Manufacturer

You'll also be impressed with the price of this renowned door. Starting at just £399, if you've been looking for a garage door and have seen the prices you will know that this is a very attractive special offer.

To find out more about the Hormann Georgian door, click here - View Georgian panel-style door

Buy a Hormann Georgian for an attractive price from a high quality garage door manufacturer

Garador - Front and Personnel Doors

The Garage Door King supply a range of modern and stylish front doors made by the reputable manufacturer Garador.

Currently we have three ranges of front doors available to view and buy online. Click below to see the Front Guard Classic Steel Door range, the Front Guard Contemporary Steel Door range and the Front Guard Modern Door range, all of which are well made and very secure. A range of different colours are also available from classic white to ruby red to terra brown and more. Take a look by clicking here - Front Doors

If you want any information about what front door would be best for you, please give our advisors a call on 0844 993 1444.

September - Special Offers

The Garage Door King have special offers on garage doors this month with our Doorking Vertical starting from the low price of £199. We also have dozens of other attractive offers on top brand doors. So if you're looking to invest in a new garage door, visit our website here - garage doors - to view the different styles we supply online. Or if you want advice on what door would suit your home or property requirements, give The Garage Door King team a call on 0844 993 1444.

Sectional Range - Top Brands

Garage Door King supply top brands in our sectional range of garage doors. A sectional door is made of sections, as the name implies. There are a number of top brands on the market who make sectional doors and we supply four of those - Alutech, CarTeck, Garador, Gliderol, Hormann - who have solid reputations for manufacturing quality sectional garage doors.

To look at the sectional doors Garage Door King supply online at very attractive prices, click on the link in the Tweet below.

Gliderol Mini Roller Woodgrain

Priced from only £425, the Gliderol Mini Roller Woodgrain is great value for such a stylish top brand garage door. It's one of many attractive offers that make up The Garage Door King's roller door range. Available in 16 colours and various sizes, you can view and buy online by clicking here - Gliderol Mini Roller Woodgrain - or if you have any questions about choosing the right door for your home please call us on 0844 993 1444

Front Doors - Modern Style - Garador

An investment in a new front door can transform and refresh your home exterior. 

If you're looking to buy a new front door and want a modern style, take a look at the Garador range we supply online for very attractive prices. Made of steel, they are both stylish and secure. 

Find out more by visiting The Garage Door King - click Garador Front Doors

Modern Up & Over - Fort Doors - Garador

Have you seen the modern up and over doors we supply from Fort Doors and Garador? Both are manufacturers of garage door, top brands who make stylish and modern designs that are robust and stylish. They could give your home exterior a refreshing face-lift. 

 Buy modern up and over garage doors, click here

So if you're thinking of buying a garage door this summer, maybe you fancy a change, you can view the  modern up and over doors here - Buy Fort Doors Online

Top UK Brand - Fort Doors

Among the numerous top brand garage doors we supply online at The Garage Door King is the UK manufacturer Fort Doors. They make all their doors in the UK and have been called the "newest and most innovative" manufacturer in the country. Their style is modern and their prices are very competitive. 

Take a look online at their different ranges of doors such as GRP, side-hinged, premium, up-and-over and more - click Fort Doors.

Garage Door King - Listed Online

Looking for a Low Priced Garage Door?

You're maybe looking for a garage door but want a low-priced and high-quality option.

Here's the Doorking Vertical for £199 (+vat). It's a steel up-and-over that has the hallmarks of attention to design detail you get with all our garage doors supplied online. This is one of the most popular doors for those who want a bargain but without compromising on quality.

Take a look at the Doorking Vertical by clicking - low priced garage doors

Doorking Eclipse Insulated - Premium Quality - Great Price

Looking for a premium garage door?

If so, take a look at the Doorking Eclipse Insulated Roller door which gives you good thermal and noise insulation and is perhaps one of the best priced premium doors available on the UK market.

The Doorking Eclipse Insulated Roller garage door

To view the Eclipse, which is available in a range of colours and sizes, click here - roller garage door

SWS Garage Doors - Buy Online

SWS Garage Doors make premium garage doors that are supplied online at The Garage Door King. 

The manufacturer's SeceuroGlide range was the first insulated roller garage door on the market and "through continuous development and innovation" the SeceuroGlide range is still seen as is a market leader.

You can view the wide range of SWS SeceuroGlide doors on our website and of course you can also buy any of the SWS range securely using our shopping-cart. 

Click to buy SWS roller garage doors

Click here - SWS garage doors - or below to view the SWS Seceuro Glide Compact Woodgrain Full Box, the Seceuro Glide Compact Woodgrain 90ยบ Facia and many other designs that are supplied at very competitive prices and in a range of colours and sizes.  

Buy SWS roller garage doors - click here

Timber Garage Doors - Special Offer

If you're looking for a quality door that is full of style, then timber could be the way. Also, if you want a special offer on a timber garage door, then take a look at the Fort Timber Vertical below, which is one of numerous special online offers from The Garage Door King this summer. Fort Doors make all their doors in the UK. 

To buy online, click here - timber garage door

Wessex Garage Doors

Are you thinking of buying a traditional style of garage door? A door that combines classic style with modern or rather robust and long-lasting quality? If so, read on.

Wessex Garage Doors - supplied by The Garage Door King

The Garage Door King supply many styles and brands of garage door - both modern and traditional. We source quality manufacturers and price them very competitively. One of the top brands we offer are Wessex Garage Doors, who are considered as one of the most reputable manufacturers of garage door, certainly in the UK. One of the Wessex range we supply is the GRP side-hinged, which offer a traditional style of operation but with robust and modern fittings.

 Click to view and buy Wessex Garage Doors supplied online by The Garage Door King

If you're thinking of buying a garage door this summer, take a look at the Wessex side-hinged range supplied online - click Wessex Garage Doors.

Summer Special Offers

Check out the garage door deals from The Garage Door King. 

Thinking of buying a new garage door this summer? You can pick up a bargain online with doors priced from just £199. 

The Garage Door King supply top brands such as the UK made Fort Doors, our own Doorking plus highly reputable manufacturers such as Hormann and Garador - all are available to buy online on our Special Offers page.

Garage Door Spare Parts

The Garage Door King supply online a range of spare parts for Wayne Dalton, Cardale, Henderson, Wessex and other manufacturers of garage door. If you're looking to buy cables for instance, visit The Garage Door King. We supply handles, locks, cones, springs, spindles and other accessories that might need replacing in your current garage door.

Take a look at our attractive prices. The Garage Door King are always looking to lower prices for customers, so if you want a good value supplier of doors and spare parts, please click on us here - Garage Door Spare Parts

Buy garage door spare parts from The Garage Door King

Electric Motors

Looking for a garage door motor? 

Click the link below to view the top brands and attractive prices of our motors supplied online. 

Fort, Hormann, Garador motors and more are available to view and buy online from The Garage Door King who're one of the main suppliers of doors and accessories in the UK.

Garage Door King Join Business Index

As part of our drive to expand online, The Garage Door King have recently joined The Business Index. This is a UK based directory where you can view our garage door supplier details with the profile giving on overview of the company.

To view Garage Door King's new profile, click the link below or here - Garage Doors Online

Gliderol - Quality Garage Doors

Looking for a quality garage door purchase? If so, you can browse our range of Gliderol roller doors, which are considered some of the most reliable and quality garage doors on the UK market.

Supplied online by The Garage Door King, you can buy one of the Gliderol roller range from just £385. Prices vary but overall the range is very competitively priced. 

So to view the Gliderol Mini Roller, the Mini Roller Woodgrain, the Compact Insulated Roller Door, the Gliderol Light Industrial doors, then click the link here - Quality Garage Doors - or if you have any questions about choosing a garage door that will suit your home or property, please call us on 0844 993 1444

Buy a Garage Door for £229

Looking for a garage door? Looking for a good price too? We have the bargain of the industry here with the Doorking Georgian garage door for just £299.

With a canopy mechanism in a design that has high attention to detail, the Georgian steel up & over garage door is a timeless and wise choice that will perhaps suit all budgets.

Secure, stylish, factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance, you can read more about the Georgian steel up & over door by clicking here - Low Priced Garage Door

Select Side-Hinged

Looking for a new garage door?

The Select side-hinged range are a popular option due to their attractive price (from £627) and their sturdy but stylish design ... the Select side-hinged are one of many top brands of garage door supplied online to the UK market by Garage Door King.

View the Select range, click the photo below to enlarge, or visit the Garage Door King website here - Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Click to enlarge and view the Select side-hinged doors from Garage Door King

January Sale on Garage Doors

It's January and of course Garage Door King have a sale on many doors, giving you a money-saving opportunity on a product that will transform your home exterior this year. 

A new garage door will give your home a face-lift and with the sale offers from Garage Door King you will obtain a high quality garage door for a great price.

In fact with the Garage Door King prices from just £200 for sectional, roller, side-hinged and other designs of garage door, we think our January sale gives you some of the most attractive prices on the UK garage door market ... to view the sale, please click - Garage Door Sale

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are, as described, made with different sections. 

The beauty of using a sectional garage door is that they offer you a very smooth operation whether you use it manually or electrically. The Garage Door King have different ranges of sectional garage doors, all made by the top door manufacturers on the market. 

One of those is Garador, whose sectional range you can view and buy online by clicking our website here - Sectional Garage Doors

Happy New Year

Garage Door King wish all our customers and the garage door community a very happy new year ... 2016 promises to be exciting and a time of great deals on doors online from GDK who offer some of the most reputable brands on the market at very reputable prices.

Happy new year from The Garage Door King from who you can buy top brand garage doors online in 2016 at very attractive...

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