It's Christmas Time - And who wants a Garage Door?

Christmas is coming and we want to be the first to wish you seasonal greetings from The Garage Door King . . . The mad rush for garage doors - all brands, all sizes - is on and volume of sales exceeds supply . . . 

If you need a garage door before Christmas please call us on 0844-993-1444 or click LIVE CHAT on the Garage Door King website . . . 

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Doorking Garage Door for £199.00

Here is one of the latest Tweets posted by The Garage Door King. It's about a blog post announcing the great value Doorking garage door now available online for just £199.00. 

If you need a low priced garage door and want to deal with a reputable and experienced garage door supplier based in the UK, either visit the website by clicking here - garage doors online - give the sales team a call on 0844 993 1444.

New Garage Door Accessory Makes The News

Would you like to pretend to keep up with the Jones next door but can't afford a Ferrari or Porshe?

If so there is a new garage door accessory that is a sticker of a car or other vehicle picture that you attatch to your door. So essentially you can choose a picture of a yatch, a classic Jaguar (like the picture below), or a Rolls Royce, any object of desire you wish.

Sounds tacky? We agree! But it's rare that a garage door story makes the news and you can read more by clicking here - Garage Door Stickers

On a more serious note, if you want to buy a garage door from a top UK supplier of top brand doors such as Cardale, Garador, Henderson and many more then please visit the Garage Door King website or if you have any questions the GDK team will be happy to advice you to buy the door that best suits your home.

The Garage Door King have a sale on at the moment whereby you can buy a garage door at highly competitive prices - so why not capitalise on the sale!

Call The Garage Door King on 0844 993 1444 or visit their website by clicking Henderson Garage Doors . . .

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Cardale President Garage Doors

Check out the below Tweet from the UK's Garage Door King who supply garage doors online. If you're on Twitter and want to catch up with our latest online activity please press the follow button below. 

The Tweet is announcing the Cardale President garage door that is a UPVC door priced from only £573.00 and which has a 3 point locking system and a black window section.

Read Garage Door News Online

A great way to keep up with the garage doors industry online is to view the Delicious page, which uploads any kind of story that mentions a garage door. 

Delicious is one of the most well know social bookmarking websites and allows you to save and share links to your favourite websites. 

To view the latest web pages uploaded to the page please click - Garage Doors on Delicious

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Garage Door Repair

The great Bob Villa has a how to install a garage door video on YouTube that you can watch below. There is a plethora of uploads on YouTube from the garage door industry that we like to sometimes upload ourselves to this blog. 

So thank you Bob Villa and thank you Blogger viewers. 

Doorking's Lowest Priced Garage Door

Made by Doorking and from only £564.00 this is the Garage Door King's lowest priced timber vertical up-and-over garage door in solid cedar. 

The solid cedar boards are of a V-Grooved vertical design and is base coated and ready to stain to your required shade. The strong steel frame comes in brown or white. 

If you like this look of this Doorking garage door and want to view similar doors, then please visit the Garage Door King website by clicking here - buy garage doors online - or you can call The Garage Door King on 0844 993 1444 

Garage Doors on Google Books

View the page below, which is a book called Popular Mechanics Complete Home How-to by Albert Jackson, David Day, and read about the different designs of garage door available on the general market.

Garage Door Tweets

The Garage Door King's Twitter Feed

Below is one of the latest Tweets uploaded to the more-than-popular micro blogging social media website that is Twitter. 

As mentioned on previous posts, The Garage Door King are UK based suppliers of top brand name garage doors online that are all competitively priced.

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Easy Repair Hollow Core Door Repair

Uploaded by toucandiy, here is a shourt film on how to repair a hollow core garage door. As far as your home is concerned the garage door will be one of those areas that are used daily and with cars going in and out of there a garage door can be easily prone to damage.

So the below film is a useful guide from toucandiy.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation

Uploaded by ChamberlainANZTV, here is a film on automatic garage door opener installation.

Novoferm Garage Doors

The Garage Door King now supply NovoRol garage doors from Novoferm. 

The top garage door brand Novoferm make automated roller doors that will increase the space in your garage. NovoRol garage doors vertically open with no 'kick out' of the door. So this means you can park close up to the garage door on your driveway. 

Each NovoRol garage door comes with an in-built automation, so you can have the convenience of remote control as standard. And, as the door is made from insulated aluminium profiles, NovoRol doors provide a thermal and acoustic barrier, helping to control your energy bills while reducing noise and your carbon footprint.

For more details, click the link below the logo or here - Novoferm Garage Doors

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