Merry Christmas from Garage Door King

All at Garage Door King, providers of online garage doors at low prices, wish clients a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Throughout 2011 Garage Door King will continue to excel in providing garage door products and equipment from all the top brand names of door to customers across the UK.

Garage Door King has a reputation that is tantamount with great service in the garage door sector. The company provide all the top names in garage doors, from brands such as Cardale, Henderson, Garador and many more top quality names all at reasonable prices. Each month the Birmingham UK based company add new posts to the blog, all of which promote and offer information on the products of garage door and accessories from the Garage Door King.

Please contact Garage Door King via telephone or email if you require any information regarding products or other services provided by the UK based Garage Door King.
The telephone number for Garage Door King is 0844 993 1444

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Garage Door King look forward to adding more posts about the online garage doors available from the Garage Door King website to the blog over the coming year. Garage Door King wishes a Happy Christmas to all customers and clients across the UK who have chosen the company for garage doors.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton Sectional Garage Doors

The Garage Door King provide online garage doors. One of the top brand of doors the UK company supply is the Wayne-Dalton sectional garage door. This unique and stylish garage door offers a lot of features and advantages over other designs of garage door.

One of the main features for the Wayne Dalton sectional doors is the vertical lift. This feature allows parking right up to the door for any vehicles, and allows for a lot more room and space on the driveway. The Wayne Dalton is perfect for a short driveway and for making the most of storage space within the garage.

A great feature with this choice of sectional garage door is the fitting behind the opening which gives users a full drive-through width with no frame protruding into the opening.

The Garage Door King offer a two year warranty with the Wayne Dalton sectional garage door. The warranty covers cracking, splitting or deterioration due to rust through the panel. All the other parts to the sectional garage door have a two year warranty.

If you want a door that keeps in the sound and temperature then the Wayne Dalton Sectional Door is for you. Bonded to the inner face of the steel skin to the Wayne Dalton sectional garage door is the layer of CFC-II free polyurethane foam insulation that is 20/14 mm thick. This gives users of the door benefits in temperature and sound insulation, besides increasing the door’s rigidity and resistance to denting.

The Wayne Dalton doors are injected with a special foam-insulation which provides twice the thermal performance of normal insulation and reinforces the door’s rigidity.

All doors in the Wayne-Dalton range are suitable for motorisation and gives the ultimate in convenience. The door is safe and secure and are very stylish, dependable and well designed.

If you want more information about the Wayne Dalton sectional garage door from The Garage Door King please call 0844 993 1444

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Garage Door Motors

The Garador Garamatic 7 Garage Door Motor

The Garador Garamatic 7 is a high quality garage door motor that is German made. The Garage Door King supply a range of garage door motors made by Garador that are brand new and sealed in their original box.

The kit for the Garador Garamatic 7 includes a motor that is beautifully styled, a professional one-piece 3-meter toothed belt boom. The motor also comes with a 2 channel remote control, a bulb and handy brackets for mounting. The garage door motor also comes with a 5 year warranty that the Hormann / Garador group offer with these particular motors.

If you want more details on the Garador Garamatic 7 Garage Door Motor from the UK based company that is the Garage Door King, you can click the image below and visit the website. Or you can call 0844 993 1444 and speak to one of the garage door technicians who can assist yu in your garage door motor needs.

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Garage Doors Facebook Page

Garage Doors - Facebook

A few months ago The Garage Door King set up a Facebook account. The way the popular social-networking website works is that it is designed for individuals to set up and network with friends. A new feature on the website is that users can set up pages dedicated to products, services or brands from top company's.

The garage door supplier that is The Garage Door King has set up a Facebook page dedicated to garage doors. The page will be shown in the Facebook search results if any of the websites many users searches for the keyword 'garage doors'.

If you want to visit the Facebook page for garage doors, then click the logo below. Once you're on the page please press the LIKE button to join the group and recieve monthly updtes on the garage door products provided by the UK based supplier.

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