Buy a Cardale Garage Door

As suppliers of Cardale garage doors, the UK based Garage Door King provide a wide range of doors at very reasonable prices.

As a top brand in the garage door market, Cardale don't sell directly to the public. But instead, reputed garage door suppliers like the Garage Door King provide and install on their behalf a wide range of Cardale doors and accessories.

Cardale Doors are a quality garage door manufacturer in the UK, and supply to garage door companies across Europe. And the Garage Door King website contains many different types of garage door produced by Cardale beside other brands of doors and accessories. You can visit their website to view the economy side-hinged and many other types of door from Cardale. The great thing about Cardale garage doors is that they are strong and easy to fit, and also great if you use the garage for storage purposes.

The economy side-hinged garage door are unlike an up and over door, as you can open one side of the door and keep your garage more private. This garage door also comes with a frame option by adding 110mm to the stated width and 55mm to the garage door height.

If you need to spruce up you house frontage with a Cardale side-hinged or any other of the stylish garage doors, please contact the Garage Door King by calling 0844 993 1444

Alternatively you can visit the Garage Door King website by clicking - Cardale Garage Doors

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