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The Garador Garamatic 7 Garage Door Motor

The Garador Garamatic 7 is a high quality garage door motor that is German made. The Garage Door King supply a range of garage door motors made by Garador that are brand new and sealed in their original box.

The kit for the Garador Garamatic 7 includes a motor that is beautifully styled, a professional one-piece 3-meter toothed belt boom. The motor also comes with a 2 channel remote control, a bulb and handy brackets for mounting. The garage door motor also comes with a 5 year warranty that the Hormann / Garador group offer with these particular motors.

If you want more details on the Garador Garamatic 7 Garage Door Motor from the UK based company that is the Garage Door King, you can click the image below and visit the website. Or you can call 0844 993 1444 and speak to one of the garage door technicians who can assist yu in your garage door motor needs.

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