Happy New Year from Garage Door King

Garage Doors Online in 2011

The Garage Door King would like to wish all customers, clients, staff and Blogger readers a very happy new year. The UK based online garage door company hope 2011 will be a great year, and that you continue reading the blog posts written the Garage Door King.

During 2010 the Garage Door King expanded their online profile and set up accounts with a lot of social media and networking websites. The websites the Garage Door King joined included Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Google Profile and most recently Tumblr. And over 2011 the online garage door company will continue adding updates to their social-networking profiles, besides also looking at new areas to expand online and promote the top name garage doors the company offer online.

You can buy garage doors online very easily from the Garage Door King website by clicking the image below or the link here - buy online garage doors


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  2. Loved your AMIGA work back in the day. Defender of the Crown was one of our first games for our A500...Great 'The Retro Hour' interview. Shame about the 30th event and how M$ treated you.I recognise the Screensaver now seeing it but never knew you were behind it.
    It was great to see you featured on Bedroom to Billions... Garage Door Repair Glendale